Best Mobile Messaging Apps

Find the best, most popular, mobile messaging apps you can use on your phone today! Many of these mobile apps are free to download, and allow you to message your friends for free.

Apps work for the usual suspect platforms, namely: iPhone and iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Nokia (Symbian), Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Some message apps work on one or all of these platforms. Enjoy! :-) Oh, and do leave a review of your favourite app – thanks!


Cost: FREE

App Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, Nokia (Symbian), Windows Mobile,

Nimbuzz is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps because it works on all platforms. You get free messaging (and phone calls) to any other Nimbuzz user wherever they are in the world.

Better still, by adding your social networking logins, such as Facebook, to your Nimbuzz account you can chat for free to all your social networking friends and contacts directly from Nimbuzz too.


Cost: NOT Free

App Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android,

Free SMS & MMS messaging to anyone in the US or Canada. textPlus is an app for sending chat messages and traditional sms. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now Android and any SMS enabled mobile. Message for free between textPlus users anywhere in the world and if you're in the US you can send sms also.

Has push notification so that you'll never miss a message, and you can easily send group messages.



Cost: NOT Free

App Compatibility: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia (Symbian),

WhatsApp is THE mobile messaging app that works on several platforms. Now owned by Facebook, it allows you to send free chat message from your mobile phone to other mobiles which also have the WhatsApp application installed.

As well as chat messages, you can also send images, video and audio messages. WhatsApp confirms that messages have been delivered by marking them with a little green tick. This app comes in several languages too, including English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Chinese.


Cost: FREE

App Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Nokia (Symbian),

If you already have a Skype account downloading their mobile app will not only give you free calls to other Skype users from your mobile and cheap mobile calls to landlines, but it will also give you free messaging and group messaging to all your Skype contacts. The app is free to download and works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Symbian (Nokia). If you live in Australia, Ireland or the UK and have a 3 network, you can use Skype too (even on your BlackBerry).

Cost: FREE

App Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Nokia (Symbian), Windows Mobile,

eBuddy is a mobile messaging app and a web messaging service. With eBuddy you can message to MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, ICQ, MySpace and AIM (AOL).

There is a specific eBuddy mobile app made for the iPhone and for Android (the Blackberry app is coming soon); however, the eBuddy Mobile Messenger is compatible with many mobile phone brands (check the eBuddy website to see if your particular model is compatible).

As well as sending free chat messengers between eBuddy users and your social networking friends, you can send photos directly from you phone camera, give yourself an avatar, and even send chat messengers to users who are offline - they will get your message as soon as they sign in again.


  1. Still can't find a mobile messaging app for your phone?

    If you can't find a mobile app you can use to send free messages, why not check out a "good ol' fashioned" worldwide free sms service.

    Oh, and if you have any questions about these mobile message apps, please read our general FAQ, first, to see if your question has already been answered... :-)

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