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Service Abuse

If you feel that you have received abusive or unsolicited text messages via this website, please contact the owners of the service in the first instance, they are responsible for how their site is used/abused and not TextMeFree.com.

NOTE: TextMeFree is NOT a ringtone or free SMS provider!

This means that if you have a problem with Jamster!, sms.ac or Fonetastic or Text Me app or any other ringtone/free sms provider, then you must contact those services directly. Thank you.


TextMeFree.com/Fonetastic service abuse

TextMeFree.com used to offer free online text messaging via the Fonetastic free sms service. Fonetastic was responsible for how the TextMeFree / Fonetastic service operated. Fonetastic is no longer in existence.

Thank you

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PS Most (if not all) of the free sms services listed offer reliable services, and can be trusted. However, if you have a problem sending text messages for free, then do contact me with details, and I will consider updating or deleting the particular free sms listing.