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What is Free SMS?

Free SMS means you can send sms to Pakistan, India, the UK or any country in the world, for free!

SMS gratis

SMS stands for short message service, and another word for Short Message Service is 'text message'… you probably know that. In other languages free sms is also known as sms gratis, gratuit, damore or bramka sms.

Whatever language you speak and whichever country you live in, you can send free text messages using TextMeFree.com, for example:

    • SMS Gratis España      • SMS gratis sudamerica

How to send free text messages online

Usually sms messages are sent from a mobile / cell phone, but they can also be sent online from a computer using a free sms gateway. TextMeFree.com lists and reviews these free text messaging sites so that you can send messages from your computer to a mobile phone free of charge.

Send free SMS from your mobile

You can send sms from your mobile phone or course, but this method isn't usually free, unless you have a mobile app that offers this service.

GiffGaff operate a sim-only service (UK, only) where, for only £12 a month you'll get 250 UK minutes of phone calls, can send unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet.

Free SMS apps, such as Skebby let you send free SMS directly from your mobile rather than a via a computer. (Skebby offer a web based free sms service too.)

Send free mobile messages

Mobile phones with internet access are now very common, and this has made it possible to send chat messages or instant messages directly from your mobile.

With mobile messaging apps, you can send unlimited free chat messages from your mobile to any other mobile phone with the same app installed. Check out our reviews of the most popular mobile messaging apps.

How to send FREE international text messages

We list Free SMS services by continent and then by country at textmefree.com. So choose your continent, then choose the country that you are texting to from the next list.

If there aren't any services for your country, use one of the international sms sites: send free text messages worldwide.

Free SMS Sites by Continent:

Africa Middle East
AmericasSouth Asia
Asia Pacific Send free international SMS

Free SMS Sites By Country:

ArgentinaIceland Portugal
AustraliaIndia Russia
Austria Indonesia Singapore
Belgium Iran South Africa
BrazilIreland Spain
Bulgaria Italy Sweden
ChileJapan Switzerland
ColombiaMalaysia Thailand
Czech Republic Netherlands Uganda
EcuadorNorway Ukraine
El SalvadorPakistan United Kingdom
France PeruUnited States
Germany Poland United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong Worldwide All Countries

Free SMS FAQs:

Got a question about free sms or about how to use TextMeFree to send free text messages?

You'll find answers on this frequently asked questions page. Note: text messages explained here.

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