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How To Use TextMeFree.com

How To Send Free SMS Online

  1. Decide which country you are sending a free SMS to.

  2. Find a free SMS service for that country using TextMeFree; e.g. use the SMS Search box above, or search by continent (left-hand menu).

  3. Choose a service from our directory by reading our review and any user comments.

  4. Follow our link to the sms service you choose, and use that online service to send your free text message.


a)  Always check reviews.
b)  Some services require registration.
c)  If your country isn't listed use a worldwide service. 
d)  Read our FAQs for help.


TextMeFree.com is a directory of FREE SMS. Read How To Use TextMeFree.com To Send Free SMS Online and learn about bulk sms services. You can send free text messages wherever you live in the world!

Three Steps to FREE SMS

You are just 3 steps away from sending a mobile phone text message for FREE, without using your mobile phone (cell phone):

Step 1 CHOOSE which friend you want to send free sms text messages to.

You will need to know their mobile phone (cellphone) number (which must be SMS-enabled), and you may need to know the international dialling code for their country too.

Step 2 FIND a free text messaging service for that country.

Choose from the best free international sms services listed in the TextMeFree.com directory. Find a free sms service by Country Name; or find a country from the following contintents: Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East or South Asia; or use SMS Search (search for Country or Service Name)
Or find a free sms site below:

Step 3

USE the free sms service.

You might need to register, and usually that requires that you have a cellphone number and maybe an email address. Services where you register are usually more reliable.
- Free SMS Registration Required
- Free SMS No registration

That's all there is to it! :-)

Three More Steps...?

Steps 4, 5 and 6 are not necessary, but they might help you send free text messages next month or next year.

These additional steps will definitely help other visitors to TextMeFree.com :-)


Have you found a great free sms site (or a bad one)? Tell other TextMeFree.com visitors – write a review of the site or rate it. This is what the "Add your own review" link looks like half-way down the page on a free sms listing, for example:

Example sms site review


Remember! If a free sms text messaging service stops working, simply use another! (Best Add TextMeFree.com to your Favorites, eh! )
Step 6


TextMeFree.com is free for you to use because you tell people about this site! Be a happy visitor of TextMeFree.com – that's all I ask! ;-)

What do happy visitors do? Well, one thing they do is recommend my site to friends!

Recommending my site to friends helps TextMeFree.com – more visitors – and it helps you, more chance of impressing friends. AND the more people that visit TextMeFree.com the more chance that another great sms site will be added – you never know!)

So, recommend my site to your friends. Be a happy visitor!

More Questions?

If there's anything else you want to know, then please visit our frequently asked questions page first, before contacting us! Thanks

Thank you, and come again!

Steve M Nash
Site owner of TextMeFree.com

PS SMS Poems, Dictionary and Funny Text Messages

This site also includes a quality collection of sms poems and funny text messages, and you can also check out the sms dictionary too. There's more, obviously, so I suggest you explore the site (and tell your friends!) – you're sure to find something that amuses you. If not, then get in touch and tell me how I can improve things.

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