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Free SMS South Africa

• Country code (or international dialling code) for South Africa: +27

Here you will find free text message services for South Africa. Each SMS service has a review, and in many cases user comments and ratings. (There may be more than one page of free SMS services.)

This little site lets you send free sms from your PC or mobile if you are a Vodacom South Africa user. Register your email address at Vodacom email2sms and you can send 3 free sms per day from your registered email address to a Vodacom mobile number. You can also send 20 free text messages every day if you are a Vodacom subscriber with a Vodacom4me account.

Make sure you open your Vodacom4me account first.

8 out of 10 stars( 10 votes )

FSMS.co.za is a recently launched free SMS service to South Africa mobile phones (all networks are supported). Registration is required but then you have unlimited free sms. Adverts are appended to the end of text messages. You can received replies to your inbox online.

When registering you need to give a South African mobile phone number. Service is untested by TextMeFree.com Please leave a Read more...

7 out of 10 stars( 21 votes )

Vodacom are offering a free email to sms service to any Vodacom mobile number. Register at the website and you can send up to 3 free sms per day. Best to leave the email subject blank as those characters count towards the total message character limit.

You can also reply to emails from your cell phone, as long as you've registered first (not free). Full instructions Read more...

5 out of 10 stars( 4 votes )

Simplesms Free SMS
Send free sms text messages to South African cellphones, registration required.

Registration to this service is not free, however. 'Send "iseek sms" to 36100 to add your number to the database Read more...

3 out of 10 stars( 24 votes )


COUNTRY CODE for South Africa ?
+ 27      

(Full list of international dialling codes... )

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