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TextMeFree.com is your SMS directory. It lists free text messaging services by country. Those services include:

  • free text messaging sites
  • bulk sms marketing services
  • sms poems
  • funny text messages
  • text message abbreviations (sms dictionary)

So whether you live in India, Pakistan, Poland, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, anywhere – this "free sms" site can help.

So, as a well-known computer company once asked, "what do you want to do, today?" Do you:

If all you want to do is send sms, then:

  1. Learn how to use this site  or find out how to send sms
    Is it really free and safe? )

  2. Search for a service by country or provider.

  3. Send your free sms messages.

More About TextMeFree.com

I created TextMeFree to list all of the free sms sites that I knew of at the time. (Again, if you know of any sms sites then do let me know, via this add sms site link!) I then started to notice sites that let you send bulk sms messages and added them too. Though these are mainly aimed at businesses and sms marketing, some bulk sms sites offer cheap sms for individual use. Then I added mobile phone stuff, and ringtones stuff (see below), but TextMeFree is basically about sending free sms.

Potentially, that means you have access to unlimited free sms, with no need to rely on any single service.

Not bad when you don't have to pay, eh, and you don't need to register at TextMeFree.com either (although you do need to sometimes register to send free texts). So how about recommending my site to your friends.

So, TextMeFree.com is a directory of free sms sites. These sites let you contact mobile phone users (cellphone users) in the country that they live. TextMeFree.com simply maintains a list of working free sms sites, and lets you comment on them – how well they work, how fast the messages get sent, etc.

Using the free SMS services here at textmefree.com you can send texts worldwide – to almost all countries – it's free to send and to receive SMS.

That's virtually unlimited SMS. You can use many different services chosen to most suit to the country you are texting at the time, so you don't have to rely on one service.

Providing free SMS costs the website concerned and for that reason sometimes the service eventually fails. However, using TextMeFree.com you can simply find another service.

  • Please tell us if you know of a good free SMS service that we don't list. Or, if you have found a listing on our website that no longer works.

  • Register at TextMeFree.com to add a free sms site

  • If you like TextMeFree please tell a friend (or three) about our website.


It is often said that you don't get anything for free (or, you don't get owt for nowt - as a Yorkshireman might say! :-) ). This goes for free sms too. Do make sure you read this page – free sms – is it really free and safe?– so you know what the issues are.

Thanks for reading.
Happy txting, and bye for now

Steve M Nash,
Site owner of TextMeFree.com

Free SMS Resources

There's more to text messaging than free worldwide sms:

  1. Laugh at (and share) SMS Jokes
  2. Be inspired by (and share) SMS poems
  3. Read this brief SMS Dictionary on how use text message abbreviations!
  4. Read about Mobile Internet and free SMS apps.
  5. Check your international telephone dialling codes?

If you need more information about texts, you can find it here: What Are Text Messages?


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