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On TextMeFree.com you will find over 250 listings of websites that let you send free sms to countries all over the world. Here you will find more resources for sending messages and using your mobile phone.

  • Mobile with smsThere's an online guide to writing and understanding text message abbreviations, such as 'thx 4 dnr'. So, if you don't understand the latest text message you received, have a go at decoding it using our sms dictionary.

  • When sending an sms to someone in another country, whether you're using online software or your mobile you need to know the international dialling code and country code so that your message gets through. You can check out our information page which explains what these codes do, and gives you a list of all the country codes. The international dialling code can change, depending on which country you're dialling from, this mainly happens in America, Canada and countries associated with the US, so it's worth reading this article if you're not sure which codes to use.

  • One of our more popular pages is the sms jokes page. It lists a selection of sms jokes, that is to say, jokes that are short enough to be sent as text messages. So if you want to make someone laugh or cheer someone up, why not use one of our jokes. And, if we don't list enough funny text messages for you, there are links out to other sites that do the same. After all, if you send a joke using one of the sms services listed on our site... it's free!

  • Do you need to buy a new mobile phone? Visit our page on Cell phones and Mobile Phones. As well as listing some very good websites where you can purchase mobile / cell phones online, we list some excellent resources for reviewing phones, such as Mobile Crunch, which is a comprehensive blog with the latest news and reviews of the mobile market.

  • If you have your own website and are interested in offering your visitors a free sms service or would like to use bulk sms as a way of communicating with your subscribers or for advertising, then we also have a resource to help. Our webmaster resources lists the best bulk sms providers, points you to services that let you offer free sms on your own website, as well as the more general webmaster advice on how to build and promote your website.

More Texting Resources

Here are some resources from other sites, we liked them so we thought we'd tell you about them too.

  • Get Cash for your Mobile Phone: Many of us get a new mobile phone when renewing a contract and our old mobile phone is perfectly good, and not that old. There's a solution to this that can make you some money. If your old mobile is still quite modern and in good working order you can sell it to the Mobile Phone Xchange, and in some cases make up to £150. If you're feeling green and just want to get rid of your old phone, because it really is obsolete or not working, then do the right thing and recycle it. Again, send it off to the Mobile Phone Xchange and they will recycle it for you and send any profits to charity.


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