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textmefree.com has over 200 free sms sites as well as a listing of bulk sms resources – and here you'll find more SMS resources.

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SMS Resources

  • Free Stuff Junction
    More free SMS resources! Free Stuff Junction is a great site full of all sorts of freebies, and they have a section on 'SMS and Fax' which details offers for free sms, mobile phones and free online fax numbers etc. It's worth checking out for the latest offers.

  • Money Saving Expert
    A great UK site on how to save money on absolutely everything, and they have a very good article on free sms (although I have to add that all the free sms providers they recommend are listed on this site). The site is only concerned with saving money on UK products and services but it's a fantastic site with some great advice and a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to. The information on free and cheap sms deals with web-based sms services and also free and cheap text messages direct from your mobile phone.

  • Mobile-XL™ is a California-based technology company focused on building value added services to mobile users worldwide. They offer an information service by sms, such as news, flights, finance and games. You need to download their browser to your phone, then you can be kept up-to-date with the information of your choice. You can track packages, access a dictionary, thesaurus, and translator tool, etc. A very useful service for those people on the move.
  • SMS Info
    Information website on SMS, including useful UK sms services and a listing of UK SMS service centre numbers. This site gives information on how to receive news updates to your phone via sms, lists some useful sms services, has info on an sms landline phone, and lists some email to sms services.

  • If it's bulk sms marketing resources that you're after, then visit TextMeFree.com's SMS Marketing page. This page lists companies offering bulk sms services. So if you are a business that wants to stay in touch with your clients with sms alerts, then you will find a selection of resources to help you do just that. There are also companies offering an sms service which you can embed in your own website, so you can offer sms to your website visitors.

  • txt2nite
    txt2nite is an sms website that lets you choose from a selection of romantic, funny, wise and witty messages that you can then send for free. If your lacking a little inspiration or want a romantic message that rhymes, then check out the quotes that you can text for free here. The main site is in Flash but you can access a html version if you prefer.
  • esmsfree.com
    Find sms messages for every occasion at esmsfree.com, including for birthdays, friends and lovers. This site is full of short quotations for every occasion as well as funny quotes, political musings and advice tips. You can't send sms from this site, but you can use any of the quotes, so why not find a great quote here then use TextMeFree.com to send it as a free text message.


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