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Ringtones for Your Mobile Phone

Do you love mobile phone or cellphone ringtones?

Everyone loves ringtones – it's great to have your favourite tune as the ringtone on our phone (it makes me smile to hear the Simpson's tune every time my mobile phone rings, that's for sure).

It's also very useful to personalise your ringtone as you can then distinguish your own cell phone ringing. The ringtone resources here are ones that we've looked at and think they're among the best on the market – you should find something to suit you!

Mobile Phone Ringtone Sites

  • IWantFreeRingtones
    Every day IWantFreeRingtones adds 20 new free ring tones to it's site for you to download. Besides the usual there are WAP ringtones, iPhone ringtones and name tones – add your name to a ring tone to personalise your phone even further! There is a free MP3 to ringtone converter where you can upload your favourite MP3 and have it converted to a ringtone for your cell phone. It's all free!


Free Nokia Ringtones

Everyone seems to be searching for free Nokia ringtones! Modern ringtones are usually compatible with all cell phone models, but there are sites that specialise in Nokia ringtones. www.nokiasoftware.nl deals in all things Nokia, and has ringtones as well as themes and software. So, if you have a Nokia phone and want Nokia ringtones, pay them a visit.

Popular Ringtones

Ring tones used to be the one ace up the sleeve of mobile phones a few years ago. When phones could do little more than make and receive calls there was great novelty in being able to have unique and fun ringtones at your disposal. Things have moved on a lot and now there's no need to painstakingly programme your own monotone versions of the latest pop smash, as most mobile phones come equipped with multimedia playback and a decent speaker system to make virtually any sound available as your ringtone.

There's also a massive online market in ringtones and downloading the latest and most popular ringtones to your mobile phone can be easy, cheap and most importantly fun. It's the best way to spice up your mobile or give that special someone a ringtone that really means something. Let's look at the top ringtones so far and see what they have to offer, as well as checking out the best way to download ringtones to your phone.

Since the king of pop sadly left us recently it's no surprise to find quite a few of his old hits making a big impact on the ringtone market. Many different ringtone services run their own top ten, but you'll be sure to see hits like Man in the Mirror, Thriller and Beat It depending on which service you pick. These are of course timeless classics and having them pumping from your phone whenever someone calls will be sure to get the whole room dancing.

Despite the recent Jacko influx the ringtone charts are usually populated by the most hip and happening tracks from the world of music, and Lady Gaga has certainly been making a name for herself with her music and interesting fashion sense. That's why recent hits like Poker Face and Just Dance have done particularly well in ringtone charts around the globe.

Whilst the rest of the music world is thoroughly obsessed with toying with Auto Tune, it's surely refreshing that Jay-Z, a fully fledged member of hip-hop royalty, is declaring Death of Auto-Tune in the single of the same name. It's also good to see that ringtone fans are endorsing his message of back to basics music making by bringing this single into the charts.

Downloading Ringtones

Everyone remembers, whether they like it or not, the powerfully addictive Crazy Frog/Annoying Thing ringtone craze, and of course there are constantly plenty of wacky ringtones available for those with a particularly high threshold for annoyance. The best way to search for these pop ringtones and their insane audio stable mates is to head online and check out the many outlets where ringtones will cost a little but give a lot.

Mobile phones don't have to be drab, and jazzing them up a touch doesn't have to be boring, so a ringtone update is a great idea. Just make sure that you're not subscribing to a service which will incur you any unwanted charges.

Monophonic, Polyphonic, Truetone, Mastertone and Realtone
– What does it all mean?

Monophonic ringtones were the fist ringtones on mobile phones. With this type of ringtone one note is played at a time, so the ringtone does sound a little basic.

Polyphonic ringtones are made up of notes that can be played simultaneously, or notes that can be played at the same time, although at a different pitch in order to create a melody. This allows the ringtone to be more realistic and melodious.

Truetones, also called realtones or mastertones, are ringtones that have been made from a sampled audio format such as an MP3. These are now the most popular ringtones on the market because they are so realistic. Many new songs are now released as a truetone ringtone and in some cases even before the single is released.

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