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Cellphones & Mobile Phones Resources

Want to buy, upgrade or rent a mobile phone?

If you want to buy a mobile phone then you will find resources here that will help. Firstly, read reviews about cell phones and get up-to-date on the latest mobile phone technology.

Cellphone and Mobile Phone Resources

Information is included on mobile phone contracts – so you can take advantage of free minutes that are often included in these deals; there are also pay-as-you-go mobiles. If you want to keep the same mobile phone number, then you may be interested in SIM free phones or unlocked phones, these are also useful if you travel abroad because you can switch SIM cards to get better local rates.

Cheap Mobile Phone Deals from Mobile Spectrum – offers on the latest mobile phones on contract deals with O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3 and t-mobile networks, including free gifts.

MobileCrunchMobile Crunch
If you're interested in the latest mobile phone technology and the latest model releases then this is the blog site for you. Full of technical details about the mobile phone industry with comprehensive reviews, specs and images on all the latest mobile gadgets – not just phones, but software and all mobile technology. The Mobile Crunch website includes a vast database on technology companies, people, service providers, etc. It's an extensive and professional site.

Airtime Refill Minutes and Prepaid Phones - One of the best low cost websites for prepaid airtime refills. You can buy ATT Go Phone, T-Mobile, Tracfone, Net 10, Movida, Verizon Wireless, Page Plus Cellular and many others carriers. You can also get reward points, cash discounts. Just great savings!

You can buy pretty much anything you want to do with mobile phones from this site. Pay as you go phones, unlocked phones, SIM cards (including international travel SIM cards) – you can buy airtime and phone cards. There are also refurbished cell phones and you can trade in your old mobile phone for cash.

All Nokia Phone Unlocking
With www.unlocks.co.uk you can purchase an unlock code for Nokia, Motorola and Blackberry phones. If you want to change the SIM card in your current mobile phone, you are most probably going to have to unlock it from it's current network. Rather than buy a new phone you can simply unlock your current phone so that you can use whatever SIM card you want. Prices range from about £4.50 up to £22 depending on the mobile you have.

Detailed UK Mobile Phone Tariffs
If you want to know exactly what every UK mobile phone tariff is, then check out these pages. Fone-Deals.co.uk list all the UK tariffs – extremely useful when trying to make a decision on which contract to go with when buying a new mobile.

Free Contacts Backup for your iPhone with 'IDrive Lite'

IDrive Lite logoIDrive offer a free backup service for your iPhone called IDrive Lite. It's completely free software requiring no registration before installation. Download the application from the IDrive website, and once it's installed on your iPhone simply click the backup button and all your contact names and phone numbers are backed up to the IDrive server.

In the event that you need to restore contacts from the server, the application will only restore missing contacts, so will not overwrite any data on your iPhone. You can also share your contacts by sending them to a friend. Need to have iPhone 2.0 software on your iPhone. www.idrive.com/idrive-lite.htm

Rent a Mobile / Cell Phone

cellhireCellhire offers a great service for people who are travelling abroad and want to avoid extortionate call charges – simply rent a cell phone for the duration of your travel from as little as US$1 a day. You can rent a phone for Europe, for the US, an international cell phone, and there are also specific mobile phone rental services for the UK, Italy and Japan.

The European deal is very good as it offers one calling rate for all European countries, so you will know exactly what your call charges will be wherever you travel. There are daily, weekly and monthly rental rates to suit the period of your holiday. You can order your cell phone rental online and must pay for the shipping and delivery of your phone. There is optional theft and loss insurance together with invoices with itemised billing for your phone calls. There is even an option to take your existing US cell phone number with you.

The cell phones you rent are quality handsets by Motorola, Nokia or other high-end manufacturers and come with battery, charger, travel adapters, in-car charger and an instruction book. You have access to worldwide support everyday of the year and when you have finished with the rental of your mobile phone you can post it back to cellhire in the pre-paid envelope supplied. Will save you a small fortune on cell phone calling rates when travelling overseas.

Free Mobile Phones / Free Cell Phones

Yes, it's possible to get a free mobile phone or cell phone if you take out a new contract with a mobile phone network provider. There are even free touch screen phones, free camera phones and free music phones available so long as you're happy to commit to a contract. If you use your mobile phone a lot, a contract is often a good deal as it probably also comes with free call time minutes and a certain amount of free sms too.

So if you want the latest technology and state-of-the-art design with your new mobile without paying a huge amount, a contract with a free phone deal is the way to go. Wirefly offer free phones for the US market and if you're in the UK try onestopphoneshop.co.uk for the latest free mobile phone deals.

More mobile phone deals, handset reviews, cell phone price comparisons

Nokia 5800
Cell Phone Comparisons
This is another useful site full of information on mobile phones, their News page is a good place to keep up-to-date with the latest releases. There is info on phones and devices, articles, cell phone tips and buying advice.


SIM Card Data Recovery

Have you ever deleted a favourite text message by mistake? Or, accidentally erased your phone book? Panic not! It's now possible to recover all that information. Simrecovery.com sell SIM card data recovery software for $69, which enables you to recover deleted texts, phone book entries, and dialled telephone numbers. It can even deal with a corrupted mobile sim card, and virus infected mobile phone sim card.

The data recovery software works with Windows and you need a PC/SC or Phoenix standard USB sim card reader, it can work even if the SIM card cannot be recognised by your mobile phone. Apparently you don't have to be technical to use the software and just to make sure, there is a free trial demo.

Mobile Phone Games, Applications and Software from GetJar.com

GetJar.com is a mobile phone software resource. Using GetJar you can find applications and games for your cell phone; there is Google maps for mobiles, mobile messenger and conference chat, msnbc for top news headlines directly to your mobile, a dictionary, as well as ways of protecting the data on your phone.

The most popular downloads are Nimbuzz (free mobile messenger), Opera Mini Web Browser, MajiPlayer Music Player and eBuddy (free instant messaging for our mobile). You can download free Blackberry, Palm and Flash Lite mobile games and applications.

You can browse this website by device to find compatible applications for your particular phone, or browse by platform such as Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile. The software applications are further categorised into groups such as entertainment, maps, finance, etc, Games are sorted too, by action, card, music etc. There's a forum, a developers area, and a page where you can download and test the newest mobile phone games and applications in Beta format.

Wallpapers, Screensavers, Themes and Ringtones

Mobile Phone Wallpapers

Wallpapers from zedge.netMobile phone wallpapers are those background images on the screen of your mobile phone. Most phones come with a few wallpapers installed which you can choose from and alternate. However, if you want to have something more to your taste or just regularly change the way the screen of you mobile looks, you can visit websites where you can download the latest wallpapers and then install them on your phone.

Wallpapers have replaced mobile phone logos and there are literally hundreds to choose from, of every theme imaginable. You can get wallpapers of your favourite sporting heroes or film stars, cute animal pictures, and amazing graphics. Try this site for a good start at downloading your own free mobile wallpaper: www.zedge.net

Mobile Phone Screensavers

Screensavers are those short animated graphics that kick in after you've been using your phone and before the screen goes black to save power. Again you can download screensavers from websites of your favourite sports team to cool animated images of just about any theme. You'll find a huge choice here: www.screensavers.com

Mobile Phone Themes

Themes for your mobile phone are more of a complete design package than a wallpaper which is just a background image. Mobile phone themes are a skin that is compatible with your particular model or handset, and it becomes part of the interface of the phone system when it's installed. The theme will include colour schemes, menu styles folder styles, etc for everything in your phone. You can change the theme, just like you can the wallpaper or screensaver, which will change the look and feel of you mobile phone but not any of it's usability, functions and features. Great free phone themes are available here: http://www.mobile9.com

Mobile Phone Ringtones

OK, your phone does come with a selection of ring tones, and sometimes they're quite good, but it's great to customise your ringtone only if it's to recognise when your own phone is ringing among the din of all the others. There are hundreds of free ringtone downloads, check out our page specifically on mobile phone ringtones.

Note: Many of these wallpapers and screensavers are available online for free, but do check that you are not going to be charged for downloading anything beforehand.

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