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Review of O2 free SMS site:

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SMS site description:
Send free SMS by registering with O2 (even if you're not an O2 customer). Just register your UK details. You get 10 free sms in total and can send an sms of up to 444 characters, but this will use up 3 of your free sms in one go. For mobiles in the United Kingdom. ...


Site popularity:

6 out of 10 stars( 132 vote s )

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Further comments:
You can top up your text messages by purchasing 30 sms for 1.50. O2 also offers free wallpapers and free ringtones, and other good free stuff if you explore the site a bit more.

Site statistics:

Hits: 54439 , Added: Sun Nov 14 2004 , Last Modified: Tue Dec 20 2011

TextMeFree User Reviews

Brilliant Service 4 out of 5 stars

This worked wonders, amazing - it delivered instantly whilst the other person was on the phone - it was free, only problem is you only have 10 free ones, there is a premium option, which may come in useful.

Reviewed by: Edmund, Mon Jul 20 2009

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Very Good 4 out of 5 stars

Works really well when sending to other o2 mobiles (not tried other networks). Messages sent straight away and if you are signed up, the person will know it is you because your mob number is sent.

10 free quota per month, £1 for 30 more.

Very good.

Reviewed by: jacob, Thu Apr 23 2009

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love it 2 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: hanifa, Sat Oct 31 2009

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O2 is Excellent 5 out of 5 stars

This is a quality service from O2 unlike the "free" SMS websites which are loaded with spyware and adware. O2 SMS messages you send arrive instantly, free registration, 10 free SMS to start you off, a cheap £1.50 top-up buys you 30 more SMS messages, and no complicated country codes to calculate, just enter any mobile phone number normally and send. Plus you also get a cool free @O2.co.uk e-mail account.

Reviewed by: Nicky, Fri Sep 18 2009

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good 5 out of 5 stars

The o2 site is the ONLY free sms service worth anything. The rest don't work very well. Used it to send a Valentines poem. Don't know why this girl is not interested in me. But I try anyway....I'm a romantic idiot at least...

Reviewed by: Joel, Sun Feb 14 2010

48 of 140 people found this review helpful
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Thumbnail image of O2 - by Thumbshots.com

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