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This free sms service seems to work intermitently. There are four servers to choose from but even servers showing as status OK failed to send our texts. ...


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7 out of 10 stars( 9 vote s )

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Would be interested to hear what countries this service works to, so please leave a review if you use this service.

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Hits: 1538 , Added: Thu Oct 21 2010 , Last Modified: Mon Mar 28 2011

TextMeFree User Reviews

How it works 3 out of 5 stars

This site works for me for quite a long time and it's still working and it's UNLIMITED. :) Instructions: Go to www.sendmassage.com , click "Send Free SMS" button and you'll be taken to the SMS page. Complete the SMS-form like this: Choose your country, then write the next 3 characters of the phone number then the next characters of the phone number. Int the next field write your mobile number or your name so receiver know who texted him. Then write your message and the captcha code and click "Send". Voila! :) If you get "Wait for a while..it will be in mobile." means your SMS was sent successfully! (sometimes there are some delays in delivery of texts but they always arrive to recipient!). If you get an error after clicking "Send", try to write the mobile number of receiver in another way. Choose the country, then write only the next 2 characters of the number (not 3 like normal) then the rest of it. This works for Romania. There are no limits for using this service.

Reviewed by: alex, Thu Oct 21 2010

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SendMassage.Com Works Great 5 out of 5 stars

I have just tried to US and UK both worked great, thank you for this site.

Reviewed by: Steve, Sun Nov 21 2010

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