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SMSPup provides FREE web-based mobile text messaging (SMS) services to Australian mobile users. Detailed registration required ...


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5 out of 10 stars( 44 vote s )

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Further comments:
Can schedule sms too. Note: subscribers to service agree to receive one promotional email per week.

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Hits: 20834 , Added: Wed Oct 27 2004 , Last Modified: Thu Aug 09 2007

TextMeFree User Reviews

I quit without sending any 1 out of 5 stars

I completed a stack marketing information and was "rewarded" with just ten "free" SMSes! They are not free. They are purchased by their own "virtual currency that you work for by responding to promotions and surveys! In effect, you are working for less than a dollar per hour, which makes these SMSes not even worth using before I quit, as I get 100 free SMSes per month on my $14 per month phone plan, or I can send SMSes through Skype for 6.6 US cents per message, which makes their ten worth about 60 cents, but Skype is straightforward. And certainly other effortless ways exist to get 10 or many more free SMSes!!

Reviewed by: Ian Green, Thu May 19 2011

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Thumbnail image of SMS Pup - by Thumbshots.com

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