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Review of Chikka free SMS site:

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SMS site description:
Chikka give free sms from PC to mobile phones in the Philippines. You get between 20 to 30 free credits every day to send free sms depending on which carrier. ...


Site popularity:

6 out of 10 stars( 26 vote s )

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Registration required, etc:

Further comments:
People in the Philippines can send sms directly from their mobile, although it's not clear from the website, there appears to be a charge for this service. You can also earn credits if people reply to your chikka mobile account.

Site statistics:

Hits: 27459 , Added: Sat Oct 02 2004 , Last Modified: Fri Sep 24 2010

TextMeFree User Reviews

If only... 4 out of 5 stars

Works like instant messaging software
Whilst it didn't work for me on Orange UK network, Chikka seems to be software that works like instant messaging software. Thumbs up (once Orange UK is added to its networks :-) )

Reviewed by: admin, Fri Jun 23 2006

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Not free 1 out of 5 stars

Text not for free.

Reviewed by: ale, Wed Nov 19 2008

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Free for Certain Countries Only: 4 out of 5 stars

Chikka gives free sms to USA, UK, Spain, Italy, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Guam, Saipan and the Philippines from their PC application which you must download. You can text other countries, but not for free.

Receiving sms to your Chikka PC application is free, but there is a charge if you choose to receive replies to your mobile phone.

Reviewed by: Georgia, Tue Jul 28 2009

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BAD 25p PER message! 1 out of 5 stars

Sorry but I tried this on the T-Mobile network in UK, looks pretty and all that but is NOT FREE by any stretch of the imagination.
You get charged 25p PER message received on your mobile phone, sorry they sell it like it is FREE to sign up, 10p per attempt to register then 25p for confirmation then ongoing costs of 25p for EVERY message this 'IM like' application receives and sends to your mobile, NOT GOOD, sorry.

MUST be better elsewhere!

Reviewed by: Dr.Odd, Wed Nov 14 2007

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works like a charm 4 out of 5 stars

it works like a charm...atleast in india..nt sure abt the limit of messages..but PC to mobile mobile to pc evrythin..register n download n message!!

Reviewed by: ascii, Fri Nov 30 2007

20 of 136 people found this review helpful
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Thumbnail image of Chikka - by Thumbshots.com

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