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Review of Yakedi free SMS site:

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SMS site description:
Registration is only open to Australian users but once you've registered you can send free sms to Australia and other countries (new countries will be added in future). There is a loyalty and reward program in progress where you will be able to earn extra free sms. ...


Site popularity:

6 out of 10 stars( 10 vote s )

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Registration required, etc:

Further comments:
There are no adverts contained with any sms sent from Yakedi. There is also a paid for business bulk sms service available. Members can send 10 free sms per day.

Site statistics:

Hits: 3051 , Added: Mon Jul 21 2008 ,

TextMeFree User Reviews

It works 5 out of 5 stars

This is my first experience of online sms: it worked and in good time - so I'm rapt!

The messages are 160 characters in length and there is a handy counter where text is inputted.

I didn't get a confirmation msg that a text that I'd sent was received (if that's the question that's being asked on the rating page). However I never have had the benefit of such service through years of usual mobile texting.

Besides the message log sets out everything that needs to be known including verbatim content and split second timing of send. This is no comparison easier to view than phone scrolling.

The site is attractive with it's vibrant and refreshing green-on-white and a menu that permits managing one's individual account, as well as contacts list. With my problem RSI of the thumb/hand/wrist on tiny hard phone keys (& I've an N95), this is a service that I'll be using even when my phone credit is reasonable again!

Well done Yakedi, proud to be a grateful recipient. Like the name too.

Reviewed by: Hannah Webb, Mon Nov 17 2008

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Too much clutter 3 out of 5 stars

Talk about jumping through hoops!! I had to go through 14 different pages before my SMS was sent (From beginning to end) - it would have been cheaper and easier for me to use my phone LOL

Reviewed by: Jo, Sun Jan 04 2009

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SMS does not arrive 1 out of 5 stars

A year ago Yakedi promised 10 free text messages per day but after I signed up the site declared that due to the economic downturn they can only offer 3 free messages. OK, not too bad. However, some of my messages were not received by the recepients. I overcame this by sending every message twice. That worked for a while. Now even this doesn't always work. I cannot rely on a service that is temperemental and I am ditching it! I think the advertising sponsors should know about this.

Reviewed by: Anna, Mon Jun 07 2010

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