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Review of CBFSMS.com free SMS site:

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SMS site description:
Impressive free text messaging service available from the homepage. Service online since 2001. Claims to be world-leader in no-signup-no-login SMS sending. CBFSMS supports the United Kingdom networks Orange, Vodafone, O2, and T-Mobile. Virgin, Fresh and Tesco may work at times. Winner of the WebUser Silver Award for best free sms sites. ...


Site popularity:

8 out of 10 stars( 3169 vote s )

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Further comments:
Some people are unable to use this free service. This is usually because they do not have JavaScript turned on (in their browser) or that they have a personal firewall with settings set too high. As such, it's not everyone's favourite free text messaging site. You do have to agree NOT to use any pop-up or banner blocking software whilst using the CBFSMS service. The VIP service (not free) is an alternative British free SMS service, though, and texting is much faster and more reliable.

Site statistics:

Hits: 428238 , Added: Thu Feb 28 2002 , Last Modified: Tue Mar 02 2010

TextMeFree User Reviews

cbfsms.com 5 out of 5 stars

Great no-registration free sms site for UK
This is one of the first free sms sites in UK, and is still one of the best. No reg. required, and a great forum to discuss free sms and other stuff. Doesn't always work - depends on your security settings etc.

Reviewed by: Steve M Nash, Fri Dec 30 2005

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not bad 3 out of 5 stars

cud improve by registration
its gd but bcuz u dnt sign up, u dont know who the text is from

Reviewed by: caitlinbyrne100, Mon Mar 20 2006

110 of 228 people found this review helpful
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doesn't work 1 out of 5 stars

this site doesn't work i tried about 10 times to send one text and it still didnt work!! :'(

Reviewed by: cobee1, Thu May 04 2006

57 of 195 people found this review helpful
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Useless 1 out of 5 stars

I tried about ten times trying with firewall off & pop ups allowed but all to no avail. Do you really want free SMS from your PC that badly that you are prepared to compromise security?

Reviewed by: beadman, Fri Dec 01 2006

46 of 160 people found this review helpful
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Ok when it works 1 out of 5 stars

Service will be resumed in 9 minutes....
I like CBFSMS, and I like the fact it gives you the option to receive replies. But more often than not I get an error page saying "The Service is Temporarily Unavailable due to High Demand. Service will be resumed in 9 minutes." This is frustrating and time consuming, and for that reason I'm not a big fan of this site.

Reviewed by: smsaddict, Wed Feb 14 2007

96 of 209 people found this review helpful
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