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americas > argentina

Movistar SMS
Send free text messages as long as they have a Movistar phone. In Spanish
6 out of 10 stars( 13 votes )

SMS NetBoss 2.2
Podeis enviar de la pagina o bajarte la aplicacion, y enviar mas rapido. (Tiene otros servicios.) Only for sending to Movistar mobiles. You can send free sms to Argentina and many other countries in the world.
6 out of 10 stars( 2 votes )

americas > bolivia

Bolivian mobile company offering free sms, and other online services.
1 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

americas > united states

TextPort.com is a free SMS service that supports both sending and receiving of text messages in the U.S. and Canda. Message delivery is immediate and there are no ads or links attached to messages that are sent. Registration is optional and free. You can send text messages internationally for a small charge, and when you register you get 10 free international text messages.
7 out of 10 stars( 4 votes )

Send free sms to many countries including USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Europe (not the UK), Figi, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Kenya, Ethiopia and other African countries.
5 out of 10 stars( 40 votes )

Free text messaging service to cell phones in the United States. There are two solutions on offer here, one registered service and one where you don't need to register, both are free. If you register with txt2way.com not only do you get free sms but you can choose to receive replies to your mobile phone, to your email, or to your txt2way inbox online. It's not necessary to know the network of the cell phone you want to text.
10 out of 10 stars( 2 votes )

TxtDrop.com SMS
Drop your friends a text in one easy step with free texting with txtDrop. Now comes with free two-way text messaging which means that TxtDrop "users and their message recipients [can] seamlessly carry on their conversations".
7 out of 10 stars( 22 votes )

FreeTextSend.com is a site where you can send free text messages to anyone in the US, with more countries to be added on shortly.

europe > bulgaria

Bulgarian free sms site for M-Tel and Globul subsribers in Bulgaria. You can send free international sms but there is no guarantee that they will arrive. Personal phonebook included.
6 out of 10 stars( 38 votes )

Free sms to mtel-only mobile phones. (Not in English!)
4 out of 10 stars( 11 votes )

europe > croatia

Grada Kastela
Send free SMS, registration is not required
6 out of 10 stars( 21 votes )

europe > denmark

Totally free sms to Danish cellphones. Send as many as you like
5 out of 10 stars( 23 votes )

europe > germany

Send free sms, without advertising, between 9am and 7pm. Auf Deutsch
4 out of 10 stars( 23 votes )

SMS Gott.De
No registration is required, send 5 free SMS a day to anyone! You do need to click on the ads (the adverts cover the form and in order to get rid of them you have to click them) in order to send free sms. The site is in German e.g. "Free SMS Versand - bitte fülle das Formular unten aus, um eine SMS zu versenden"
5 out of 10 stars( 12 votes )

europe > italy

Send free SMS to all Italian Mobile operators.
3 out of 10 stars( 24 votes )

europe > norway

Gratis SMS
Find a Norweigan free sms provider via this website. (Not in English.)
4 out of 10 stars( 13 votes )

europe > poland

Bramka sms for Orange phone users in Poland
4 out of 10 stars( 19 votes )

Polish-language site offering bramka sms to all Poland phone networks, and more!
4 out of 10 stars( 14 votes )

europe > slovakia

SMS brána
Send free sms text messages - správy na Globtel aj Eurotel
3 out of 10 stars( 64 votes )

europe > ukraine

Free sms service for Kyivstar provider users. English version (Ukrainian and russian versions also available)
6 out of 10 stars( 33 votes )

Translation agency that installed SMS script on their website allowing you to send SMS to ANY Ukrainian mobile.
8 out of 10 stars( 13 votes )

south asia > india

SpiceSMS.com offers free SMS to mobile phones in India (no longer to other countries). Online since 2004. Receive sms replies to your own mobile/cell phone. You can send one free text message without registering, but after that you need to register to send more.
6 out of 10 stars( 99 votes )

Adheeth's Sms
Send free SMS text messages to India. Offers Free Ringtones in local Indian languages
5 out of 10 stars( 62 votes )

Send Free SMS to all mobile networks in India including Airtel, Hutch, Spice, BSNL, Reliance CDMA & TATA Indicom CDMA.
6 out of 10 stars( 290 votes )

south asia > pakistan

Send free sms to Pakistan (no need for java applet or java virtual machine)
5 out of 10 stars( 81 votes )

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