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africa > nigeria

eTextMail is a paid sms service but you get 9 free sms given to you when you register.
6 out of 10 stars( 26 votes )

americas > united states

SMS Everywhere
Send text messages (SMS) to cell phones
7 out of 10 stars( 151 votes )

Mobile-Sender SMS
Mobile Sender provide free SMS services to the USA and around the world. Members can send unlimited amount of free messages.
5 out of 10 stars( 8 votes )

asia pacific > australia

SMSPup provides FREE web-based mobile text messaging (SMS) services to Australian mobile users. Detailed registration required
5 out of 10 stars( 44 votes )

europe > austria

This website does not offer free sms, but when you register you do get 5 free sms. It's an Austrian site in German language. Registration is required. Send future-dated sms too.
4 out of 10 stars( 65 votes )

europe > germany

Send free sms to any mobile phone in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
5 out of 10 stars( 31 votes )

Send free sms text messages
5 out of 10 stars( 38 votes )

Send 3 free sms per day to all German mobile networks. You need to register. You get a phone book for your contacts and there is also a paid sms service and group sms.

Senden Sie 3 kostenlose SMS pro Tag in alle deutschen Mobilfunknetze. Bitte registrieren Sie sich. Sie bekommen ein Telefonbuch fr Ihre Kontakte und es gibt auch eine kostenpflichtige SMS-Service-und Gruppen-SMS.

europe > ireland

Registered users of this web site are allowed to send free text messages to any mobile network in Ireland
2 out of 10 stars( 31 votes )

europe > norway

Send 3 free sms per day. Registration is required.

europe > poland

Bramka sms provided by Portal Omnix. Need Polish phone to register
3 out of 10 stars( 9 votes )

europe > sweden

Send free SMS to Swedish mobile phone networks
5 out of 10 stars( 22 votes )

europe > switzerland

Branchenbuch Online SMS
Free SMS delivery to diAx, swisscom & orange. Small fees apply for other international networks. Registration requires valid email address
4 out of 10 stars( 37 votes )

mobile messaging apps

Messagey! is an app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that allows anybody to send texts for FREE to US mobiles. Has additional features such as customisable backgrounds for sms and you can use images taken with your iPhone camera as backgrounds.
8 out of 10 stars( 8 votes )

eBuddy is a mobile messaging app and a web messaging service. With eBuddy you can message to MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, ICQ, MySpace and AIM (AOL).

There is a specific eBuddy mobile app made for the iPhone and for Android (the Blackberry app is coming soon); however, the eBuddy Mobile Messenger is compatible with many mobile phone brands (check the eBuddy website to see if your particular model is compatible).

As well as sending free chat messengers between eBuddy users and your social networking friends, you can send photos directly from you phone camera, give yourself an avatar, and even send chat messengers to users who are offline - they will get your message as soon as they sign in again.

south asia > india

Send free text messages to India from any country in the world. You have to register to send free texts, but you can try the free sms service before registering.
6 out of 10 stars( 14 votes )

Send Free SMS within India, and from July 09 also to India, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. You must register and accept contextual adverts within your message in order to send up to 50 messages a day. There is a limit of 10 messages a day to any one number.
6 out of 10 stars( 58 votes )

You Mint
A social mobile site that lets you send free sms to members and non-members in India. Free mobile content available to members such as ring tones and wallpapers. Simply register at this unique social utility - name, email, and phone no. (+91) - and get sending your free text messages.
8 out of 10 stars( 8 votes )

south asia > pakistan

SMS Dakia
Send and receive free SMS to and from any mobile number in Pakistan. Users can send SMS of upto 1,000! characters length to any mobile number in Pakistan for FREE!. Users have a phonebook, can schedule messages, send messages to multiple recipients. Unlimited daily message and much, much more...
6 out of 10 stars( 17 votes )

south asia > philippines

Mobofun is a new global web and SMS community. From the website it doesn't appear that SMS are free, but if you register you receive free SMS credits. Global features will be coming soon to this site. Mobofun state that free SMS to the Philippines is available now. Unlimited to Globe and Sun; 4 Free SMS per day to Smart.
8 out of 10 stars( 5 votes )


Monkeymaximus Text Messaging
Free text messaging site allows users to create a customizable text page so their friends can text message them using AIM or any other internet application
7 out of 10 stars( 179 votes )

Mjoy is a worldwide free SMS service for wap enabled mobile phones. You can register online, then to use the service you need to log in to the Mjoy website from your mobile (mjoy.com/m). Users should check first what kind of data plan they have before using their mobile browser to be sure of any charges they may incur.
7 out of 10 stars( 11 votes )

Teleword SMS
This service is listed under worldwide, but the free sms service they offer is limited to: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Sweden, HongKong and the US (their paid for service is worldwide).
4 out of 10 stars( 28 votes )

The Facebook app smsBook lets members send free sms from the Facebook website to any mobile phone, whether recipients are Facebook members or not. So that's free international sms. You can also choose to receive sms from Facebook categories.
5 out of 10 stars( 7 votes )

Not an easy site to use to send free sms anymore. You have to either buy credits or earn them by using the site and subscribing to offers. There are many other sites that allow you to send free texts in a much easier (and cheaper!) way.
6 out of 10 stars( 71 votes )

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