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americas > canada

FreeTXT.ca lets you send free sms from your PC to cell phones in Canada. So even if you don't have a cell phone yourself you can still send sms. You need to know the provider of the cell phone that you are texting to send you free message.
6 out of 10 stars( 26 votes )

americas > guatemala

Free sms for Guatemala to mobiles on the Movistar, Claro and Tigo(Comcel) Guatemala networks. No need to register to use the service. Mensajote supports multimedia messaging to the Tigo Network.
7 out of 10 stars( 3 votes )

americas > united states

Free text messages to US cell phones for anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. With Cherple you have to download their software and install it on your computer (Windows and Mac version available). Then you can send a text message to US mobile phones inviting them to join the Cherple network. Once they have done that, you can send free sms to that cell phone, there will be a standard sms charge for the cell phone that sends an sms back to you but all sms you send will be free. You will receive sms replies to your Cherple software on your computer. You need to have an internet connection to send free sms.
9 out of 10 stars( 3 votes )

TextEm.net is a free text message service to cell phones in the United States, most cell phone carriers are supported, but not all. See the up-to-date list of supported carriers on the TextEm website. You need to know the cellular provider of the mobile number you're texting. Your IP address is logged when you text, and you can block your number if you receive spam.
9 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

Send and receive free text messages to and from US cell phones. No need to register to use the service. You can choose to have replies sent to your cell phone or to your email, all completely free.
10 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

Send unlimited free SMS texts to most Canadian Providers and USA providers. There is no need to register to send sms, just give your email address, the recipient's mobile number and the phone carrier. The website lists which mobile networks are supported.
7 out of 10 stars( 4 votes )

asia pacific > china

Send free SMS to China as well as other network Worldwide. Website logs your IP address to prevent spam and abusive messages.
8 out of 10 stars( 14 votes )

europe > austria

4 free SMS every day to Austrian mobile phone numbers, and there is no need to register to use this service.
5 out of 10 stars( 39 votes )

europe > czech republic

T-Zones CZ
SMS Gateway - Send SMS to T-mobile CZ mobile phones. T-Mobile customers can send 20 free sms to other T-Mobile customers from this website every month.
10 out of 10 stars( 2 votes )

europe > germany

Send 5 free sms per day to German mobile phones without the need to register. This site is in German.
7 out of 10 stars( 4 votes )

24 free sms every day without the need to register. Simply enter the German mobile number, your message and send. You have 120 characters and there are no adverts.
7 out of 10 stars( 4 votes )

europe > poland

Free SMS gateway to almost every polish GSM network, no registration required. You can send 30 free text messages every day using this service.
9 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

europe > russia

Russian free sms site, at least we think so! Please leave a comment if this site is not free.
2 out of 10 stars( 9 votes )

europe > united kingdom

Not exactly free as you have to spend 5 to read text messages sent via a freebiesms site.
1 out of 10 stars( 3 votes )

Free SMS to the UK. You have to watch an advert first and wait for the coundown to reach zero from 20 before you can send a text. The sms we tested took a little while to arrive, 5 to 10 minutes, but they did arrive.
7 out of 10 stars( 8 votes )

south asia > india

Bollywood Motion
Bollywood Motion have a free SMS service for India. There is no registration or login required just send free SMS from the form they provide. This service is untested by TextMeFree.com but apparently you can send unlimited free text messages of 500 characters.
9 out of 10 stars( 18 votes )

south asia > nepal

www.stha.co.cc sends unlimited free sms to Ntc and Ncell in Nepal. There is no registration required but you have to follow stha on Facebook in order to obtain the password to send free sms.
8 out of 10 stars( 20 votes )

south asia > pakistan

SMS Punch
People can send unlimited sms to Pakistan. There is no registration required, although if you do register you get more characters.
7 out of 10 stars( 39 votes )


Notify Hotline
Send free text messages. You must know the cellphone number and carrier to use this service, but you can send unlimited free text messages to many countries including USA, Canada, Austria, Mauritius, Australia, Ireland and South Africa. This service is untested by TextMeFree.com so we don't know whether it works or not. Please leave a review comment if you have any feedback on Notify Hotline. thx
7 out of 10 stars( 4 votes )

Free unlimited sms worldwide, and it works. smsix.net lets you send free text messages over 700 mobile networks, that means most countries. There is no registration, simply enter the mobile number you want to text, the destination country, and your message.
4 out of 10 stars( 46 votes )

freestuff.co.uk have a free sms service which is available if you download their free Firefox toolbar. Once installed on your Firefox browser you can click the SMS icon and send free SMS to any mobile worldwide, however we had a few problems.

In order for your email to be sent you have to click on the Log-in with Facebook icon. At TextMeFree.com we decided not to allow SMSjive to post to our Facebook wall and to be able to email us. After that we got the message that our sms had been sent, however, in the status box it was pending for a long time and none of the texts we sent actually arrived. On our third attempt to send a free sms we were asked to complete a survey before we could send more sms, and at that point we gave up. The free sms is powered by and sent via SMSjive (search for 'smsjive' in the search box above to read our review of SMSjive).

10 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

SMSwind offers 5 free sms every 24 hours without registration. Free text messages from here are quite long winded to send, you have to ignore various adverts and keep clicking the Send (Senden) button every time it appears. Eventually your message will be sent - but watch out for the pop up windows.
5 out of 10 stars( 2 votes )

This free sms service seems to work intermitently. There are four servers to choose from but even servers showing as status OK failed to send our texts.
7 out of 10 stars( 9 votes )

Send free SMS to various countries, check the list to see if your country is supported and you'll be given an SMS form for the country chosen. You can send one free SMS per hour.
6 out of 10 stars( 26 votes )

Daily SMS

Daily SMS gives you the choice of 5 gateways to send free sms but some of them don't work when we tested. A couple of SMS did eventually arrive, but after 15-20 minutes.

Daily SMS allows you to send text messages to any worldwide mobile phone network for free. There are some daily limits for different parts of the world.

8 out of 10 stars( 16 votes )

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