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africa > uganda

A simplified and user-friendly Free SMS site targeting Ugandan MTN and UTL subscribers. Comes with a phone book although you must register first to use the phone book.
6 out of 10 stars( 12 votes )

americas > argentina

Radio Sabalera SMS
Servicio para enviar mensajes SMS gratis en Argentina. Escribir y mandar un mensaje de texto por Internet a telfono celular. Envo online desde la PC.
8 out of 10 stars( 17 votes )

americas > canada

FreeTXT.ca lets you send free sms from your PC to cell phones in Canada. So even if you don't have a cell phone yourself you can still send sms. You need to know the provider of the cell phone that you are texting to send you free message.
6 out of 10 stars( 26 votes )

americas > jamaica

A web2sms tool that offers free sms to Jamaica, the Caribbean, US and Canada. Send texts to C&W, Digicel and MiPhone in Jamaica and to C&W in the Caribbean.
8 out of 10 stars( 15 votes )

americas > united states

Text message any cell phone for free. No registration and we don't store your number.
7 out of 10 stars( 28 votes )

Text Surprise
Free SMS service for Canada and the US. Site shows which US and Canadian carriers are supported.
9 out of 10 stars( 11 votes )

Send Free Anonymous Text Messages Online
5 out of 10 stars( 3 votes )

Fun Text Flirts
Free TWO WAY Text Message Flirting
1 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

Got Thumbitis? Free text messages from your PC! This site offers free texting service to help prevent thumbitis. Use your full keyboard to send text messages around the globe.
10 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

Site for North American and Canada, but can also send free sms to some other countries around the world. Includes a useful tool to finding the service provider of a mobile phone number.
10 out of 10 stars( 7 votes )

Free text messages to US cell phones for anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. With Cherple you have to download their software and install it on your computer (Windows and Mac version available). Then you can send a text message to US mobile phones inviting them to join the Cherple network. Once they have done that, you can send free sms to that cell phone, there will be a standard sms charge for the cell phone that sends an sms back to you but all sms you send will be free. You will receive sms replies to your Cherple software on your computer. You need to have an internet connection to send free sms.
9 out of 10 stars( 3 votes )

TextEm.net is a free text message service to cell phones in the United States, most cell phone carriers are supported, but not all. See the up-to-date list of supported carriers on the TextEm website. You need to know the cellular provider of the mobile number you're texting. Your IP address is logged when you text, and you can block your number if you receive spam.
9 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

Send and receive free text messages to and from US cell phones. No need to register to use the service. You can choose to have replies sent to your cell phone or to your email, all completely free.
10 out of 10 stars( 1 vote )

europe > czech republic

T-Zones CZ
SMS Gateway - Send SMS to T-mobile CZ mobile phones. T-Mobile customers can send 20 free sms to other T-Mobile customers from this website every month.
10 out of 10 stars( 2 votes )

europe > germany

Send 5 free sms per day to German mobile phones without the need to register. This site is in German.
7 out of 10 stars( 4 votes )

europe > poland

Bramka SMS for Plus GSM users in Poland. Free SMS Plus users only without registration. However, you can register to send free sms to other networks or internationally.
4 out of 10 stars( 17 votes )

europe > romania

3 Mesaje SMS GRATUITE te asteapta dupa inregistrare! Incearca acum. In English: Romanian SMS site that gives you 3 sms when you register. After that you must pay.
5 out of 10 stars( 20 votes )

europe > united kingdom

Not exactly free as you have to spend 5 to read text messages sent via a freebiesms site.
1 out of 10 stars( 3 votes )

south asia > pakistan

Urdu Sms
Send Free sms in Pakistan to Pakistan. No need to register.
5 out of 10 stars( 17 votes )

Allows you to send free sms of about 440 characters to any network in Pakistan, with ultra fast delivery and high number of messages sent per day, also gives you status of sent SMS.
8 out of 10 stars( 4 votes )


e-FreeSMS offers free unlimited worldwide (200+ countries). When last tested by textmefree.com our texts arrived, but took about 10 minutes.
7 out of 10 stars( 24 votes )

Seasms have told TextMeFree that their service is not working in the UK and Ireland. Our tests confirm this as well as sms not arriving in Spain. Please read customer reviews of this service below. You can send unlimited sms and registration is not required.
6 out of 10 stars( 102 votes )

Skebby offer a very good free sms service, when tested by TextMeFree it worked very quickly to the UK and Spain, and it's a worldwide service, so text any country for free. You get 3 free sms daily. The site is easy to use, just requiring the country code and mobile number of the recipient.

The sms daily allocation gets used up quickly now that the site has become popular, so best visit in the morning if you want to use this service

6 out of 10 stars( 51 votes )

Send free sms to many countries. You have to know the mobile network you're sending to and give an email address. This service has not been tested by TextMeFree.com because no networks are supported in the countries where we can test.
6 out of 10 stars( 24 votes )

Free unlimited sms worldwide, and it works. smsix.net lets you send free text messages over 700 mobile networks, that means most countries. There is no registration, simply enter the mobile number you want to text, the destination country, and your message.
4 out of 10 stars( 47 votes )

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